The power of energy and strategy aligns you with your higher self...

and most importantly, your purpose in this life.

When you apply it to yourself as an entrepreneur it helps you understand and align with the business path that is in front of you.

This offering was created to help you understand, align with and use your energy... an entrepreneur and your business energy and transmute it for success.

When you understand the depths of who you are as an entrepreneur and who your business is, you'll be able to navigate both with confidence and clarity.

In this 90-minute session we’ll deep dive into understanding how you show up as an entrepreneur and how to align with your higher self.

This intensive will help you:

  • Understand your energy, blocks and areas of growth so that you can become a confident entrepreneur
  • Understand your business energy and how to support it for success
  • Have a clear path and strategy for how to shift into your uplevel

Here’s everything we will cover during this intensive

Entrepreneur Energy Reading

We'll look at your energy as an entrepreneur-this includes a full energy/chakra reading to identify gifts, blocks, areas of growth and help you align with your best entrepreneurial self

Business Energy Reading

A Business Reading-this includes a full reading on your business energy, where it is, what it needs and how to support it to be successful

Channeled + Strategic Coaching

Channeled and Strategic Coaching-this includes on the spot answers and support from your guides along with strategy and knowledge based on my business expertise

Here’s what’s included when you book:

You’ll walk away from this program knowing exactly how to use Instagram to grow and build your impactful and intuitive business.

  • Energy Reading (meditation done prior to the call, info shared on the call)
  • Business Reading (meditation done prior to the call, info shared on the call)
  • Channeled + Strategic Coaching
  • 90 minute 1:1 session with Natalia
  • Recording of the call




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