Are you ready to make an impact in the world by stepping into your purpose as an entrepreneur?

When you think about the business you want to create you can’t help but light up on the inside because you know it’s not only going to change your life but it’s also going to change the life of others.

You want to make it happen, BUT you don’t know where to start.

Or, you’ve started but you’re feeling stuck.

Here’s what I know to be true: making an impact through your business while also being profitable in an aligned way is possible. I’m here to give you the tools to do that.

Through 1:1 coaching, I partner with you to create your intuituve business

By blending both energy and strategy, we work together to help you step into your highest entrepreneurial self.

1:1 Coaching will help you:

  • Get clear and confident on how to grow your business so that you can quit your job and focus on making a positive impact in the world every single day through your business
  • Transform your money mindset, break poverty lineages and create generational wealth
  • Step into the dreams you've been too afraid to pursue with someone who supports and guides you every step of the way
  • Do the deep inner work that will help you align with your soul’s purpose, tap into your intuition and create confidence, impact and profit
  • Commit 100% to making your dream business and life happen through energetic and strategic methods

Together, we will focus on helping you build a
business that is:


I’ll use sacred guidance and intuitive readings and downloads to guide you because energy is everything when it comes to building a successful business.


I’lI coach you through the process of identifying what YOU want so that we can build YOUR business YOUR way, ensuring that every aspect of it aligns with you.


I’ll create customized strategies for you so that you can build a business that is profitable and has proven and repeatable ways to make money and create generational wealth.

When you join 1:1 Business Coaching,
here’s what’s included:



6 months of 1:1 mentorship with me as your business coach, intuitive, consultant, support and strategist.

(1) 90-min


A deep dive into your entrepreneur energy, business energy and receive channeled + strategic coaching

Business + Energy


Business + Energy Readings woven into the coaching calls to ensure you’re aligned and on your highest path. (I check in on my clients energy/with their guides for direction before each call)

(11) 60-min 1:1 Coaching Calls

2 per month + 2 weeks for implementation in between, except for the first month which is a 1 90-minute session and 1 45-minute session) so you have strategy, action steps and accountability on how to move your business forward every single week!


Slack Access

Unlimited access to me via Slack Monday-Friday so you get check-ins, guidance, support and questions answered as you build your intuitive, aligned and profitable business and life!



Bonus materials and access to ALL trainings in the Business ReSorce Library during your coaching.


Paid in full
Or 6 monthly payments of $1,222

Ready to step into your highest entrepreneurial self?
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