You're ready to ascend on a soul level...

...because you know that from that place you can manifest anything and everything that you desire. Your priority is full alignment with yourself. You desire to create the most aligned business/career and are ready to do the deeps energetic and strategic work behind it.

You know that you're reality is a reflection of your internal belief system.

And you're ready to do the deep inner work and create aligned beliefs that manifest an aligned reality.

You are ready to have it ALL: an aligned life, partner, business/career, family etc. and you know you don't have to settle.

Through 1:1 coaching, I partner with you to create your most expansive life

By blending both energy and strategy, we work together to help you step into your highest self.

1:1 Coaching is for the person who is ready to:

  • DECIDE that now is the time they go all in on upleveling every single area of their life
  • Put in the work to create the business, life, career, love of their deepest desires
  • Do the deep healing work of going into their shadows, embracing them and alchemizing them into their power (with my support and guidance)
  • Stop making excuses, is ready to hold space for the truth, and no longer be a victim but someone who thrives regardless of what they have faced (or what they face)
  • Break cycles, negative patterns and heal their lineage in order to live the most empowered life available to them in this lifetime

Together, we will focus on helping you build a life that is:


I’ll use sacred guidance and intuitive readings and downloads to guide you because energy is everything when it comes to building a successful business.


I’lI coach you through the process of identifying what YOU want so that we can build YOUR business YOUR way, ensuring that every aspect of it aligns with you.


We'll use a blend of your Human Design, intuition and strategy to help you create the most expansive life you can have based on what aligns with you.

When you join 1:1 Intuitive Coaching,
here’s what’s included:

(1) 90-minute Intensive

A deep dive into your entrepreneur energy, business energy and receive channeled + strategic coaching to create vision + intentions for our time together

(1) Human Design + 6 Month Energy Reading

We'll do a Human Design reading the first month so I have an understanding on how to best support and work with your energy. Plus, I'll do a recorded 6 month energy reading for you.

New/Full Moon Messages + Rituals

I will be recording and sending you monthly new moon/full moon channeled messages specific to you along with a ritual you can do to support your monthly releasing and setting of intentions.

(10) 60-min 1:1 Coaching Calls

2 per month, bi-weekly except for the first month which is a your 90-minute session and your Human Design reading. These sessions will include a mix of coaching, strategy and intuitive guidance.

Unlimited Coaching Access

Unlimited coaching access via Slack Monday-Friday so you get check-ins, guidance, support and questions answered throughout our time together.

Access to all Workshops, Courses + Bonus Materials

Access to ALL of my workshops, programs and trainings (does not include Business Sorcery School). PLUS, access to a 1:1 client portal with exclusive content.


Paid in full
Or 6 monthly payments of $1,222

This is for the woman who is ready to have it all.


Book a free discovery call or send me an email if you
have any questions.