The energetic and magical side of building a business. Also see “source” and trusting in the Universe as your guide; and you knowing and being the source/ origin of your business.

The Sorcery was created in 2021 as a safe space for:

  • Intuitive/spiritual individuals who don’t align with the traditional way of doing business
  • Creating diversity in the spiritual/entrepreneurial space by supporting POC with their business
  • Shifting the business industry by teaching people how to create businesses that are balanced between the masculine and feminine
  • Helping people who want to start an intuitive business get unstuck from feeling like they don’t know enough or have enough to launch their business
  • Helping people who are overwhelmed and paralyzed by all of the “to-do’s” of business have a clear and strategic plan to move forward and get results

We believe that entrepreneurs need to learn how to balance energy and strategy.

In order to truly create something that is aligned, entrepreneurs need to learn how to use energy and strategy to nurture their business. This is all taught and covered throughout our programs.

About Natalia,
The Founder

I’m Natalia, an empowered Latina who’s continually healing myself as I heal the world in my role as an Intuitive Business Guide for other entrepreneurs. After experiencing a literal tower moment in my life and losing my marriage, faith and identity, I went on a journey to discover who I truly am and how I want to show up in the world. I came back home to myself and am making an impact through taking my business experience blended with my energetic training to help others build their businesses.

After spending 9 years building 3 different businesses...

a magazine that I sold, a creative agency and a coaching business there’s so much I learned about myself and about the business world. When I discovered energy work, I was able to dive deeper into who I truly was and how I wanted to make an impact in the world. I worked with a mentor for 9 months learning how to read and heal energy and incorporated that into coaching work.

Now, I had a blend of strategy and energy

With this blend, we are able to support others in building their businesses. I believe that’s the magic potion to helping entrepreneurs truly align with their higher selves and build the business they were called to build.

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